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You can bring your partner, friend or fling along for an additional fee of $300 per meeting (I recommend first-timers start with 90 minutes). All genders are welcome! I’ll need to know the first name of the person you’ll be bringing with you and how you know each other to approve any meeting request.  

I will not perform any act without the enthusiastic consent of each participant, or knowingly overstep any boundaries, limits or rules you have as a couple and have instructed me to follow. 

So, with this in mind, you must ensure your partner-in-crime knows about and consents to our meeting at the outset. Provision of my services is conditional upon each participant being aware of the booking at the time you make your meeting request. 

What we are comfortable with can change and we do not need to finish anything we start if it doesn’t feel quite right. You are welcome to discuss any issues that may arrive privately if you need to.