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You must ensure your partner knows about and consents to booking me at the outset as provision of my services is conditional upon each participant being aware of the booking at the time you arrange to meet me. This is because while surprises are fun in theory, in reality the unsuspecting individual often does mental gymnastics trying to get their head around the experience in reality, which detracts from their enjoyment. 


I will not perform any act without the enthusiastic consent of each participant, or knowingly overstep any boundaries, limits or rules you have as a couple and have instructed me to follow. 


I will excuse myself in the event of any disagreement between you so that you can resolve it between yourselves and in private, and will wait to be invited to rejoin you. Don’t forget to communicate anything I need to be aware of when I do.


What we are comfortable with can change over time and we do not need to finish anything we start if it doesn’t feel quite right. 


I will not demean you or your partner, or join either of you in doing so, even if that is your thing and you both consent and specifically request it. When it comes to couples, I only play nice when doing naughty things!


You can bring your partner, friend or fling along – add $300 to my advertised rates irrespective of the length of the booking. All genders are welcome (MMF threesomes included), but you must tell me in advance who will be accompanying you (first name is fine) and how you know each other. 


I don’t mind if your partner is also an escort (on or off duty) but ask that you please tell me this ahead of time too. I will not contact them directly without your consent.


0406 739 759 (SMS only) | [email protected]