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The Lusting Experience
Upon arrival, her sensual and sexual energy radiates. Her piercing eyes of emerald green cannot be overlooked, for they are not only captivating but inciting and inviting.

What nervous energy dwells, expeditiously absolved in her soothing embrace, accompanied with her radiant smile and invigorating kiss.

She comes to make you feel at home; engaging dialogue and laughter. Never rushed, she takes time precious to discover the person within. For in this moment, she ingests the energy manifested; guiding her to liberate the pleasures to be shared.

Inhibitions do not exist within her presence; lost to the outside world. Her movements and that of her touch... Pleasing, seducing, and that of teasing.

Before the seduction ebbs, anticipated pleasures begin surging. Bodies' warm and wet, fluid in motion, excised pleasures surge from the deepest of cores. Once the body disengages from the soul; control forfeited to her wild and yet sensual will. As the orgasmic eruption thunders well beyond the euphoric bliss that shall linger.

And after the pleasures exhausted, to share but a lasting moment beneath the simulated rain, stimulating, the drops blindly tumble. Two bodies slipping and sliding, with hands meandering endlessly.

For words cannot translate the sensation.

Nevertheless, she leaves an imprint, one that has body, mind and soul, craving her intimacy and wiles again.

- Mr A, shared 15 May 2023