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Nationality: Australian
Home city: Sydney
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: early thirties
Height: 173cm
Hair: Brunette, cut to shoulder length
Eyes: Bright green
Figure: Leggy hourglass
Breasts: Natural 10DD
Dress size: 8-10
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Sexuality: Bisexual
Vibe: Fun & friendly
Languages: English
Education: undergraduate degree
Dietary Restrictions: None.
Non-smoker, occasional drinker

Lydia is my insatiable, untameable alter ego, focused on the relentless pursuit of pleasure and erotic companionship. 

I pass for mid-late twenties but am actually in my early thirties (yes, really – I was born in the 90’s!). A former dancer, my body really is built for sin and my hourglass curves, full natural breasts, long legs and green eyes are just some of my stand-out features – the rest you’ll have to see for yourself. I was born and raised in Sydney. I pursued a corporate career and worked part-time as an escort for one of the world’s leading international agencies until it closed in 2018, both in Australia and overseas. I now proudly work for myself as an independent escort and these days I am mainly based in St Peters, in Sydney. 

I work differently to other escorts because I have the experience and confidence required to re-write the rules of escorting, which are widely followed but don’t make much sense to me. My favourite thing about my job is that I bring happiness and pleasure to people’s lives (the fact that I have so much fun doing it is just the cherry on top!). Everybody deserves pleasure, and I love getting to know people I wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with in the most intimate and thrilling of ways. 

I’m often complimented on my ability to make strangers feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence, and this extends to people living with a disability, who are neurodivergent, as well as people who are sexually inexperienced or haven’t seen an escort before.  I take pride in my work and my reputation for being one of the most recommended and sought-after providers in Australia, but I’m not the kind of person to take myself too seriously and have a curious mind (not to mention a cheeky and impulsive streak). I bring good energy with me wherever I go and am excellent company, so I’m easy and pleasant to spend time with.

My ideal client is polite, respectful and arrives ready to have a good time with me. The nature of my service is incredibly personal, and nothing heightens sexual chemistry like behaviour deserving of intimacy, so I am selective when it comes to who I choose to meet, and see those I think I’ll get along well with in the flesh to ensure our experience is as authentic and pleasurable as possible for both of us. I value individuality, so your physical appearance, age, nationality, race/ethnicity/cultural background, nationality and religion etc are not determinative of my willingness to meet. If you’re well-mannered and maintain good hygiene when you see me, we’re sure to hit it off!

0406 739 759 (SMS only) | [email protected]