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Photography & filming – the fine print

By requesting this service it is presumed you agree to these terms which may only be altered by my express written agreement. They are enforceable regardless of the fact that clients do not sign forms. If you have any concerns or do not intend to adhere to these terms, do not proceed with this service.


All video and photography to be taken using your mobile device, for your personal gratification only and for an additional fee of $300 on top of my usual rates. My privacy is paramount and you must respect it, as I do yours.

This service is offered strictly at my discretion as I do not hide my face.


You will be the director, meaning you are in charge of whatever lighting, positioning, and activity you’d like to capture, pressing record, etc. I will be your video vixen and concentrate on giving a performance you’ll want to re-watch over and over.


It is a criminal offence to distribute (meaning: share with anyone or publish on the internet, including but not limited to platforms such as OnlyFans and so-called “punters only” review forums) any footage (meaning: videos and/or photographs) taken during our meeting. You may upload or backup the footage to your chosen secure cloud storage provider but you must not allow anyone else access to it. 


If you distribute any footage, for any purpose, without my knowledge and consent, I may use personal information specific to you for the following purposes as I see fit, and without any further notice or warning to you: 


1 to have the footage taken down;

2 to recover any and all income generated by your distribution of the footage from you as a debt, together with any other amounts you may become liable for as a consequence of your illegal conduct; and/or

3 to report you to the police if I so choose, and/or by submitting a report to databases used by other providers about your conduct to warn them.


If you distribute the footage, understand it will be a matter of when, not if, this comes to my attention. If you can’t resist sharing it, those who view it are likely to do the same.


You are responsible for ensuring the footage is not distributed without my express consent and should you distribute it regardless you do so at your own risk and accept responsibility for are responsible for whatever consequences flowing from your illegal conduct (irrespective of your intentions or the extent of your knowledge and/or involvement).


I recommend (but do not require) this service be added onto a booking for 1.5 hours or longer. This way, you have ample time to review the footage to check you’re happy with it and re-record anything not captured to your liking on the first take. 


If your device battery runs down I have various chargers at my incall (lightning, USB-C, micro-USB and Qi wireless charging) so you are welcome to charge your device when with me. I also have a small portable ring light you are welcome to use if you wish.