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I provide my services on my terms, which are pretty straightforward:

  1. I see clients by appointment only. This means I do not provide services to anyone who has not arranged to meet with me. 
  2. For incalls, the information required to visit my incall will be provided on the day of the meeting. However, to assist clients looking to plan their travel, the name of the street my incall is situated on will be disclosed at the time the meeting is confirmed.
  3. For outcalls, meetings within a 10km radius of the Sydney CBD do not incur a travel charge; anywhere in metropolitan Sydney outside of that radius incurs a $50 travel charge in addition to my advertised fee. 
  4. For outcalls, the exact address must be provided in advance and we must have privacy (that is, you are home alone or the only person in your hotel room). 
  5. All meetings are one-on-one unless agreed by me in advance. 2-on-1 and party bookings incur an additional fee of $300 per extra person per booking, even if they don’t intend to join or participate.
  6. All listed services are offered at my sole discretion and will only be provided if all parties consent, me included. I am not required to consent to anything that I consider to be unsafe or likely to cause me injury, or is hazardous to body, health and/or sanity. I am the best judge of my own personal interests and my decisions are final.
  7. I do not provide unprotected/natural intercourse under any circumstances.
  1. My advertised rates apply to all meetings, regardless of whether sexual intercourse or “full service” is contemplated or occurs. 
  2. I accept payment of my fees in cash and also via the app Beem (@LLSydney).  The nearest ATM is only a 2-minute walk from my incall. 
  3. I do not require a deposit to confirm a meeting. However, if you’ve previously no-showed or are requesting to meet outside my usual working hours, I may require payment of fee to be made prior to confirming your meeting request.
  4. My fee is to be paid in full within the first 5 minutes of our meeting, and before sexual contact takes place.
  5. If you’ll be paying in cash and prefer our encounter have a less transactional vibe, you can put my fee in an unsealed envelope and leave it on a surface where I can easily see it on arrival, or if you’ll be paying via Beem you’re welcome to send your payment in advance of our meeting.
  6. In the (highly unlikely) event you change your mind and no longer want to proceed upon meeting me, that’s fine, but please let me know at the outset as once payment is made, it is not refundable except at my sole discretion.
  7. I don’t charge a fee in the event of a last-minute cancellation, however good ettiquette often dictates the provider be partially compensated for the inconvenience and lost income, especially if you’re hoping she’ll agree to give you another chance and your reason for cancelling was forseeable or within your control. I don’t insist clients do this as I understand there may be good reasons and that mistakes happen, but if you don’t attend your meeting and fail to notify me you need to cancel or reschedule, you may be required to pre-pay my fee for your next meeting so that I can justify setting aside further time in my diary for you.  

Please note: unfortunately I’m unable to take payments by EFTPOS/credit card at the moment. I also do not accept payment via bank transfer/PayID/OSKO, gift cards or prepaid debit cards as a number of providers have reported falling victim to fraudulent receipts that appear to show a payment has been made, or losing a dispute relating to a payment. I can’t give my best if I’m stressing about whether a payment will clear during a meeting, so I avoid putting myself at risk of this occurring for your benefit as well as mine 😉

  1. My online booking platform requires clients to provide a first name, email address and mobile number when submitting a request to meet. 
  2. Clients must ensure they provide a valid mobile number but can choose to receive confirmation from me by SMS or email.
  3. The contact details and other personal information of my clients is kept strictly confidential. I am the only person with access to my online booking records, email account and mobile number. Any person who provides their contact information when requesting a booking will not receive unsolicited communications from me in any form or be added to any mailing lists etc. 
  4. The email address you provide only needs to be valid in the event you want to be able to view or change your meeting online in the Client Panel and this is done by requesting a link be sent to your nominated email address. 
  5. Clients must ensure they provide a valid mobile number but can choose to receive confirmation from me by SMS or email. 
  6. Client must ensure they provide a valid mobile number but can nominate their preferred contact method as email or SMS, to indicate how they wish to be contacted when I confirm the meeting. 
  7. I request clients provide at least 2 hours’ notice when cancelling or rescheduling a meeting online. Alternatively, I can be notified by text or email anytime but ask that I be informed as soon as is practicable.